Can't Catch A Break

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sweet new crash

It's never my fault, I swear. But I crashed again.

I was on a training ride to the hills out west with three other upstanding characters. 50 miles in, we stopped to consult with the maps. One rider was feeling confident. She felt that maps were unnecessary, and opted to press onwards regardless of some academic scribblings on a piece of paper. Hence, the solo break was established. After getting rolling, I gave a few hot kicks(TM) in an effort to bridge.

However, my kicks(TM) were so hot(TM), and my quick release was so feeble, that I pulled the drive side of the skewer out of the dropout. This jammed the wheel into the stays and locked up the rear tire. I remember grabbing my bars on the way forward and having enough time to think I'd be able to save it. But milliseconds later, I was bouncing and sliding down the road.

Inventory of damage:
  • rim
  • bar tape
  • saddle
  • cables
  • helmet
  • inner tube (tire is ok somehow?)
  • skin (mine)
I got to the side of the road. Many thanks to those in cars who stopped to check and the lady whose house was near who brought the rubbing alcohol and cotton balls.

Velocity is replacing my rim for free, because of the obvious evidence on the dropout that their quick-release shifted. But I'm switching to genuine campy QRs though. And I'm going to be tightening the hell out of them.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

I've been doing stuff

I went on a winter ride and got a flat tire. Thanks to my skillz, I repaired it and pressed on. But seriously, who finds metal shrapnel in the snow drifts on the scenic bike path? Not even near a road! My tire, that's who. That's some unluck.


I rode some rollers. I traded a wheel for rollers, and after some minor repairs, like replacing the broken belt, I took them for a spin. It's like learning to ride all over again. By the end of night one, I had ridden for eight minutes consecutively without touching anything. Still can't drink while rolling though.


I got hit by a car. Again. Making an oncoming left turn. Again. It went down yesterday, seemed like no big deal. Very minor damage to the commuter. But today my finger is swelling beyond all reasonability. I got x-rays and the doc said sprain. But the just called back and said fracture. Drats. That will put a damper on the weight training. I still got my intervals in last night though.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back. Not quite back yet.

My bike is ready for more action. I needed new bar tape, new shifter cable, (that's a new one) and everything re-adjusted and tightened. Incidentally, I also got new wheels, because the carbon tubulars are dead.

I'm not so ready. But I'm getting closer. My limiting factor is my back right now. Switching between standing and sitting is a little uncomfortable. (like on a couch; I haven't been on a bike yet) Also, I've had a weird phenomenon going on with my sneezes. The few times over the past few days I've felt a sneeze coming on, I knew it was going to hurt. I'd do the sharp inhale and brace for impact. It never came. Like my body could sense how much it was about to suck and canceled the sneeze. I guess it's progress that a few minutes ago I just completed my first unaborted sneeze since Sunday. That's something.

I'm hoping to race Thursday, but I'm not ruling out tomorrow at Whitnall.


Monday, July 21, 2008

I've mellowed.

Sorry to the dude I hit, whoever you are.

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