Can't Catch A Break

Friday, November 28, 2008

What a difference a day makes

I usually find it more difficult to produce any power on the trainer than the road. At least in warm weather. But we don't have warm weather. Yesterday, I did a 20 minute effort, which was really pretty crappy, even for me. It was the worst 20 minute effort I'd ever recorded as a matter of fact. And it hurt a lot. I felt totally destroyed afterwards.

Today, I did another one, and it was significantly better. Not great, but a reasonable number for me in November. Strange. And it didn't sap me nearly as much. I felt significantly better afterward.

There are a few factors that might contribute.

One. Yesterday was thanksgiving, and I did my effort after the feast. You might think there was something wrong with my head. But it was not right after. Several hours later. And I didn't really eat all that much. So it was just kind of a normal meal for me. But there still might be something wrong with my head.

Two. I did my effort in the garage, thinking I might be able to dissipate heat better in there. I think it was actually too cold though. Even though the sweat was rolling off me, I think the air was cold enough to mess up my breathing, because I found myself coughing afterward.

Lesson learned. Even though hard efforts like that always make me feel like I'm overheating on the trainer, don't try to compensate with a colder ambient temperature.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Intervals are here

It's been a while. I almost forgot how much I hate/love them. I can't decide if doing them on the trainer makes them better or worse.

It does have some benefits. Once it's warmed up, it stays consistent. No stop signs or hills. Don't have to pay attention to traffic. The surface never changes. No potholes or railroad tracks. No bad weather.

On the other hand, it's a trainer. And I'm sweating on carpet.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Trainer season is coming back.

Saturday it was 30s and raining. ...sigh...

It was warm inside and there were hundreds of DVDs. I only watched Bourne Identity. Damn, that's a sweet movie. A gym just opened on the first floor of my apartment building. 24-7. That's cool. I joined it. I'm new to weights. It will probably hurt.

Other news, I'm finally getting my car fixed. It's been out of comission for a good month. It was the battery. I thought we checked that. Good thing bikes are reliable for getting to work.

It sure does get dark early these days.

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