Can't Catch A Break

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Second opinion

Today, I was supposed to get a cast put on my hairline-fractured wrist. I brought my x-rays from the ER. The doc was not totally convinced by the x-rays. After feeling my wrist up, decided to get a second set of x-rays. My wrist had been feeling suspiciously good for being broken yesterday, so I was optimistic. After checking out the new pictures, the doctor informed me that I actually just have a sprain, not a fracture.

Naturally, my first question was when I could start racing again. He said two to three weeks or whenever it feels ok. I'm going to shoot for Muskego on May 10. Baraboo is this weekend, but, since I suck at it, that's not a race I look forward to. I'm secretly glad to have an excuse to avoid getting my soul crushed that weekend.

They gave me a splint, I think called a "cockup splint". The name is appropriate given how I inflicted the injury. I was hoping for a pink cast, but this is even better.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Back in the saddle

I talked to a doctor affiliated with the team yesterday. He said that given the type of injury I likely have, the only limitation to my riding will be my own comfort. Score. Tomorrow, I'm going in to get my splint replaced with a cast, and I'll find out for sure.

But today, I hooked up the aero bars and put in two easy hours on the trainer. Well, easy intensity anyway. I can't get comfortable on the bars. I was trying to focus on form and position. But the wrist was feeling great though. Muskego is in 11 days. I really wanted to do that one. But now I'm just getting greedy. I'm just glad I didn't end up having to spend too long off the bike. I guess it was only like two days, and I was already getting paranoid feelings of losing fitness. Ridiculous.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Can't ride, might as well start a blog

I pulled off a pretty stupid maneuver on Saturday in the Whitnall Park race. I got to the front of the pack, and actually forgot there was a turn. I just got to the front and started motoring with no regard for the upcoming corner. I don't remember how I went down, but I know I hit my right hand and right ass. I bounced up and walked over to my bike. People cheered when I got on it. That's cool. It's kind of like winning, except with more pity. I took a free lap. For the next 35 minutes, I just hung in the pack. Using the drops hurt and downshifting hurt. I tried not to do either one of those. I finished 11th.

I got an xray later where they found the hairline fracture. I may be on aero bars for the next 4 weeks. Like a triathlete. :(

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