Can't Catch A Break

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I've been doing stuff

I went on a winter ride and got a flat tire. Thanks to my skillz, I repaired it and pressed on. But seriously, who finds metal shrapnel in the snow drifts on the scenic bike path? Not even near a road! My tire, that's who. That's some unluck.


I rode some rollers. I traded a wheel for rollers, and after some minor repairs, like replacing the broken belt, I took them for a spin. It's like learning to ride all over again. By the end of night one, I had ridden for eight minutes consecutively without touching anything. Still can't drink while rolling though.


I got hit by a car. Again. Making an oncoming left turn. Again. It went down yesterday, seemed like no big deal. Very minor damage to the commuter. But today my finger is swelling beyond all reasonability. I got x-rays and the doc said sprain. But the just called back and said fracture. Drats. That will put a damper on the weight training. I still got my intervals in last night though.

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