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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sweet new crash

It's never my fault, I swear. But I crashed again.

I was on a training ride to the hills out west with three other upstanding characters. 50 miles in, we stopped to consult with the maps. One rider was feeling confident. She felt that maps were unnecessary, and opted to press onwards regardless of some academic scribblings on a piece of paper. Hence, the solo break was established. After getting rolling, I gave a few hot kicks(TM) in an effort to bridge.

However, my kicks(TM) were so hot(TM), and my quick release was so feeble, that I pulled the drive side of the skewer out of the dropout. This jammed the wheel into the stays and locked up the rear tire. I remember grabbing my bars on the way forward and having enough time to think I'd be able to save it. But milliseconds later, I was bouncing and sliding down the road.

Inventory of damage:
  • rim
  • bar tape
  • saddle
  • cables
  • helmet
  • inner tube (tire is ok somehow?)
  • skin (mine)
I got to the side of the road. Many thanks to those in cars who stopped to check and the lady whose house was near who brought the rubbing alcohol and cotton balls.

Velocity is replacing my rim for free, because of the obvious evidence on the dropout that their quick-release shifted. But I'm switching to genuine campy QRs though. And I'm going to be tightening the hell out of them.

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